Sigma Phi Epsilon, known as SigEp, was founded at the University of Richmond in 1901 on the cardinal principles of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love.

As a fraternity, SigEp believes in "Universal Respect for Self and Others." The national fraternity has eliminated pledging and hazing. New members are respected as equal brothers from day one.

The Fraternity's mission statement is "Building Balanced Men." To this end, all members of SigEp participate in the Balanced Man Program, which encourages us to commit to the practice of Sound Mind and Sound Body. At SigEp CT Delta, we value emotional and physical health as well as academic, extracurricular, and social involvement.

The Yale chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon is dedicated to the idea that a fraternity is much more than a social organization - it is an institution that facilitates academic achievement and community service, and that provides a system of support and guidance for its members. It is a community that augments a member's academic and extracurricular commitments.

The benefits of Brotherhood are many: a beautiful house, social and cultural events, service oriented activities, leadership opportunities, and an alumni network across the country. For most brothers, though, the most important aspect of the SigEp experience is the community that we have established here on campus. Being part of SigEp CT Delta means committing to both the values of the Fraternity and Yale College. We are a group of friends, scholars, and uniquely talented individuals. But as brothers, living by a common creed, we are family. We hope that this website will provide prospective brothers, family members, and alumni with a glimpse into life at Yale as a Sigma Phi Epsilon.